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Tutorials, Guides, and Support for Real Estate Agents.
 Find comprehensive support for Sam, your Real Estate Systems Accelerator Manager. Access step-by-step tutorials, video transcripts, and help documents to maximize your success with Conversions, Operations, Retentions, and Experiences. Whether you're a beginner or experienced agent, our help hub is here for you.
Welcome to the Systems Accelerator Manager (Sam)
Changing the game for real estate agents, taking the intricate work of System-building from hours down to as little as six clicks.
 Sam provides a revolutionary way to build and perfect your business systems - be it for bringing in leads, managing your business, retaining your best customers, or providing a world class client experience, every time.

 Whether you're kickstarting your business or you're a seasoned pro, you'll have an edge over your competition using our revolutionary platform. With Sam, you'll be able to focus on what matters most: growing your business and delighting your clients.

Real Estate & AI 'FreeSources' eGuidebooks

Unlock the Power of AI: Free Comprehensive eGuidebooks For Revolutionizing Your Real Estate Business
 Dive into the future of real estate with our collection of free eGuides. From understanding the foundational concepts of AI to implementing it for lead generation, daily business operations, and fostering lasting client relationships, we've got you covered! 

Whether you're looking to learn or enhance your existing AI knowledge, our Guides are written to offers actionable insights tailored specifically for you as you traverse AI in the real estate industry.
Areas Of Focus:
Dive in and revolutionize the way you operate, engage, and grow in the real estate. Because the future belongs to those who integrate!

Real Estate & ChatGPT Training

Free training aimed at teaching real estate agents how to utilize emerging technologies such as ChatGPT to increase lead generation, manage operations, empower repeat customers, and provide better customer experiences.
A Deep Dive into ChatGPT:
Participants will have access to self-paced training for a comprehensive understanding of how to apply ChatGPT
to your real estate business.

Free Real Estate & ChatGPT Training

The Ultimate
ChatGPT Guide for
Real Estate Agents

C.O.R.E. Agent &
ChatGPT Event

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Who We Are


Our Mission is to help every single real estate agent we come in contact with, using technology, find a more productive way of working towards their own version of success; without sacrificing the things that make life worth living.

American Values

American values and a strong work ethic are the principles Workflow Secrets was founded with. Striving daily to make Yourself, your Community, and your Country better through Patriotism and Reverence for the men and women who sacrificed to create a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs just like us.

Core Values

Daily Growth, Inspiration, Forward Action, Respect, Positive Intention, Relentlessness, Personal Ownership & Sovereignty, Grit, Humility, Gratitude, and Servant Leadership.

Our Founders

Mark Stepp is the Chief Innovation Officer, Lead Architect of the Realvolve Workflow System, Relationship Scoring and Predictive Revenue Engine.

Founder and Architect of AdvantageXI under Mark-It-Systems.
Co-Founder of Workflow Secrets.

Since 1983, Mark has been Designing, Developing and Engineering software in the real estate, lending, title, escrow and insurance industries.

He hosts online webinars and training classes for real estate agents, Realvolve customers on all aspects of CRM, Listing & Transaction Management and Workflow Development; and is a featured AI & real estate keynote speaker.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southwest Baptist University and resides in Bolivar, Missouri with his wife Kathy, where they successfully raised four children, Savannah, Cody, Jake & Makenzie into adulthood. 

Mark is an Eagle Scout, black belt in TaeKwonDo, the industry leading computer scientist and software engineer, an avid astronomer and astrophysics enthusiast, and enjoys all things involving space, planets, stars & time travel. 

('Now I just need a DeLorean...' - Mark)
Cody Stepp is the Marketing and Growth Director and Co-Founder of Workflow Secrets of Workflow Secrets, and creator of Mat Ready Fitness.

Since 2019, Cody has served in various roles within the real estate software industry including customer success, sales, marketing, real estate training, AI and software development.

He's also the creator of the Systems Accelerator Manager (Sam) SaaS, and the Workflow Secrets Dashboards product. Taking a focused approach to addressing a real estate agent's need for strong time management, systems, and calculated automation for efficiency, as well as emerging technologies such as AI to aid in the process development.

Cody has a Bachelors of Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design and a Masters of Communication in Integrated Marketing Communications from Drury University. He considers himself a ‘digital nomad’ bringing him to North-Eastern & Southern Florida.

Cody is an Eagle Scout, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under fourth degree black belt Professor J.W. Wright, American Graphic Designer, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, National Champion Cheerleading Coach, LiveHard & 75Hard Program double-finisher, and enjoys personal development, reading, yoga, meditation, mindset & mental fortitude training, and personal-travel.

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